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When and where?

08-19 Aug 2022, Germany


Sunday, 7 August

Arrival Bayreuth, Germany
Get together

Monday, 08 August – Friday, 12 August

Morning Warm Up
10:00-13:00 Individual Lessons `
14:00-16:00 Individual Lessons
16:00-19:00 Ensemble Rehearsal
Divers concerts & sightseeing programms

Saturday, 14 August


Sunday, 15 August


Hear the music of the future in Bayreuth

The Festival of Young Artists Bayreuth is organized and performed by young talent from all over the world, and is seen and loved by an international audience. The close collaboration of young artists and cultural managers is an important part of the festival experience, since mutual trust and empathy are cornerstones of cultural exchange. Alumni of the Bayreuth Festival can find their way anywhere.
In a tradition maintained since its founding in 1950, the Festival offers a unique social and artistic space every summer in the festival city of Bayreuth, a meeting place for young people from all over the world, a place to learn to navigate intercultural differences, a place to experiment in music, theatre, film, literature and art. Art, and music in particular, create a platform on which young international participants engage in dialogue, explore and expand the limits of their abilities, and experience and shape key moments of creativity and passion. We are at home in Bayreuth and around the globe! We build bridges and bring people together. We strive for an open and free society that is oriented towards