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somehow I new it before…, but first now it is for me clear, that Christmas time is marked through wind-instruments-music and most of all through brass…


If You see the literature for this spacial time of classical composers like J.S. Bach, J. Haydn, A. Vivaldi ore W.A. Mozart – the Christmas Oratories are all with winds as well…

I understand it historical… – it was much easier to set some simple wind instruments like trumpet, horn, trombone then piano ore strings… From the other side – in the european culture playing brass instruments was (and is) very popular, especially in Germany, Austria ore in the Switzerland – who never heard Trombone-Chorus in south Germany? – the wintertime and Advent-time is a really time for hundreds of concerts in Churches and other public places.


In the present time it’s a little strange – mostly the temperature is very low and plying brass open-air ore in a could Church is not very comfortable…

But, anyhow – it’s european tradition and I have to say – LOVE this part of the year with proper music, culture and historical tradition.

For a few years, together with our Brass – quintet “Stuttgart-Consort” we manage to persuade very good composer and bassoon – player Libor Sima (SWR Stuttgart) to compose a song for Christmas: “European Christmas Suite”. How it’s sounds like? Gust listen to it there (and then in a new window – down on a screen):

Libor Sima: “European Christmas Suite” for Brass quintet

Happy Advents-time with Stuttgart-Consort Brass Quintet:)