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Probably everybody reading my blog knows that I love traveling… Traveling for traveling… for knowing new people, new circumstances, solving problems etc..


At the same time, I hate traveling – I am in complete panic, when it concerns flying.. I get a bit crazy, knowing that there is no stability under my feet…

A few of my happiest moments in life are when I am:

– on time at the Airport

– checked in

– having coffee (or something different…)

– waiting for boarding


All of this happened today – more than that!!! – at the airport I met a very good friend of mine – a musician/singer/soprano – Iwona – the beautiful Diva with her wonderful daughter… – they were flying to Florida (USA). I hadn’t seen them for such a long time!!!

Luck, more luck, more and more luck…

Boarding and … I don’t remember any more, as I fell asleep before take-off !!! Fantastic !!!


I woke up one hour before landing, very happy and very thirsty.

My short conversation with the flight attendant:

– Good morning…

– Good morning!

– I gust woke up..

– Good, no problem.. Would you like something to drink, or eat?

– Yes.. with pleasure.. could I have a glass of tomato juice, please?


– Sure. It costs 5 EURO..

– EXCUSE ME?????

– Oh, I am sorry.. this is Polish Airlines (LOT).. If you would like something to drink – you have to pay…

(I did’t ask about food…)

Well, I had some money in my pocket, still, I was so annoyed, that I decided to wait until landing, for having something to drink!


Dear Polish Airlines,

As a Polish citizen, I would very much like to fly LOT, but…

The way to success usually goes through QUALITY, punctuality, responsibility, proper service on board, competitive prices etc…

A glass of tomato juice, a cup of coffee, or a small snack should not be such a big deal…

Don’t forget that your passengers are also intelligent and almost always can choose between Airlines… and the competition is quite good!

Dear LOT, I wish you a lot!

Your biggest FAN