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Franz Liszt, one of the most famus and greatest pianist and composers in the history of music roten a lot of great music works. It was studies, miniatures, poems, concertos and also orderd music.
Piano, like a the most popular unstrument in his time in Paris, Wien, Berlin and almost whole Europa was “the languag” of society and art.
Liszt met Chopin in Paris and they like each oder – both where a great pianist and komposers if the piano – music.
Durind the International J. Francaix-Piano-Competition in Paris I’ve e possibility to listen to this piece and more great music for piano solo – and I am sure – culture is still allive and be great with out to know who is now responsible for an actelle pollitic…
But, with a small support from the gouverment it could be easier to make the art more and more present…
God luck!!!