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Eugene Bozza was a French composer and conductor, born in Nice in 1905. He studied at the Paris Conservatory, where he won many awards for his compositions. His music is often described as expressive and emotional, and one of his most famous works is “En foret” for horn and piano.

“En foret” was written in 1941 and is frequently performed by horn players around the world. This piece is a perfect example of Bozza’s style, which combines elements of romanticism with modernity. The melody is full of passion and drama, drawing the listener into the world of sound created by the composer.

Bozza was a master at creating atmospheric compositions that could touch the listener’s heart. His ability to manipulate sound and harmony makes his music unforgettable and enduring. As the composer himself said: “Music is my way of expressing emotions and feelings that I cannot express in words.”

“En foret” is a perfect example of how Bozza could combine technical virtuosity with deep emotional expression. This piece requires the performer to not only have excellent technique, but also the ability to interpret and express emotions through sound.

It is worth noting that Bozza was also a respected educator and conductor, who influenced many young musicians with his knowledge and experience. His work as a teacher was just as important as his compositions, as he passed on his passion for music to future generations.

Here is my “live” recording from the recital in Beijing – with pianist Shai Rosenboim.

We will discuss Bozza and other composers during the Horn Masterclass at the Music Academy in Łódź on July 7-12, 2024.

This year’s edition of the Waltornia Master Course has allowed us to invite wonderful lecturers – professors such as Peter Arnold, Tomasz Bińkowski, Monika Paprocka-Całus, and David Bagoly will be with us. Accompanying us on the piano will be the amazing pianist Joanna Kowalewska.

Don’t hesitate and register now!! #WKM2024 is a great opportunity to improve your skills and meet new people with a passion for music and the horn. To sign up for the course, simply visit the MikulskiART Foundation website, where you can find the registration form and more information about the event.

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