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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the greatest musical geniuses in history, whose works have survived centuries and still captivate audiences around the world. However, in addition to his extraordinary talent, he also had many interesting traits and facts related to his life. Here are 10 facts about this exceptional composer that might surprise you!

1. Mozart was a true child prodigy – he began composing music at the age of 5, and his first opera was performed when he was just 11 years old. Comparing him to other geniuses, one could say he was like a young Bach in a child’s body.

2. Despite his young age, Mozart was very aware of his talent and confident. His famous words: “I am neither an angel nor a devil, I am Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart” show how much he believed in his abilities.

3. Mozart had an incredible musical memory – he could memorize and reproduce any melody after hearing it just once. It was as if he was a musical computer ahead of his time.

4. The composer was also known for his sense of humor and jokes. His letters to friends often contained funny anecdotes and jokes, showing that despite his genius, he could also be a regular person.

5. Mozart was also a master of improvisation – during concerts, he could unexpectedly change melodies and add new elements to his compositions. He was like a jazz musician of his time.

6. Despite his success as a composer, Mozart had financial problems for most of his life. He was like today’s artist who, despite recognition, did not always have an easy life.

7. The composer also had a weakness for gambling and often played cards and made bets. His famous words: “When I play, I am a completely different person” show how much he loved risk and excitement.

8. Mozart was also a great lover of food and often described his favorite dishes in letters to friends. He was like a chef composing flavorful symphonies.

9. Despite his short life, as he passed away at the age of 35, Mozart managed to compose over 600 musical works, which speaks to his extraordinary productivity and passion for creating music.

10. Finally, it is worth mentioning that Mozart was also a man with a big heart and empathy. His famous words: “Music should touch the heart, not just the ear” show how much he cared about the emotional impact of his compositions on listeners.

In conclusion, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was not only a brilliant composer, but also a fascinating personality with many interesting traits and facts related to his life. His music has survived centuries, but his story and personality also deserve attention and admiration.

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