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1. Do not neglect regular practice

When learning to play the French horn, it is important to dedicate time to practice regularly. Do not take breaks longer than a few days, as this may cause you to forget the knowledge and skills you have acquired. Remember, regular practice is key to success in playing the French horn.

2. Do not skip music theory studies

Studying music theory may seem boring and difficult, but it is crucial for improving your skills on the French horn. Do not skip learning basic musical concepts such as notes, rhythm, and scaling. This will help you better understand the structure of musical pieces and develop faster as a musician.

3. Do not compare yourself to others

While learning to play the French horn, it is easy to compare yourself to other musicians and feel discouraged if you are not achieving the same results. Remember that everyone has their own pace of development and it is not worth wasting energy on comparing yourself to others. Focus on your own progress and celebrate every small success you achieve.

In summary, to effectively learn to play the French horn, avoid neglecting regular practice, skipping music theory studies, and comparing yourself to others. Focus on your own development and enjoy the learning process. You will surely succeed in playing the French horn!

We will be working on these and many other aspects of French horn art during the French Horn Masterclass Course at the Music Academy in Łódź on 7-12.07.2024.

Do not hesitate and register now!! #WKM2024 is a great opportunity to improve your skills and meet new people with a passion for music and the French horn. To sign up for the course, simply visit the MikulskiART Foundation website, where the registration form and more information about the event are available.

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